J-GLOBAL ID:200904041371260304  Research Project code:0250005275 Update date:Dec. 15, 2003

A histopathological study on the experimental pulmonary carcinogenesis related to the fibrosis of the lung

Study period:1974 - 2001
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Research overview:
The external and internal causes are related to the carcinogenesis. Although various kinds of carcinogens act as the external causes, the role of the internal cause is not so clear in the pulmonary carcinogenesis. From this point of view, we are analyzing experimentally the relationship between the pulmonary fibrosis and carcinogenesis of the lung. To induce the pulmonary fibrosis, Fron 112 are injected intravenously to the experimental animals. Three months later, these animals are received carcinogen such as calcium arsenate or DHPN. Experimental animals are sacrificed monthly. The lungs are examined histopathologically and electronmicroscopically to see the relationship between the pulmonary carcinogenesis and fibrosis of the lung.
Keywords (5):
pulmonary tumor ,  carcinogenesis ,  carcinogen ,  animal experiment ,  pulmonary fibrosis
Research program: Ordinary Research

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