J-GLOBAL ID:200904041946433486  Research Project code:0250005032 Update date:Dec. 17, 2001

Survey of pesticide residues in agricultural commodities

Study period:2000 - 2000
Organization (1):
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Research overview:
The test results of residual agricultural chemicals in foods conducted in 2000 were fixed up. Ten kinds of residual agricultural chemicals were found in 5 of 20 farm product specimens from the prefecture and 15 of 15 specimens imported. Four kinds of agricultural chemicals such as lead and arsenic were detected in the domestic farm products, garland chrysanthemum. No agricultural chemical was detected in the other domestic products. In the imported products, six kinds of agricultural chemicals were detected. In particular, imazalil was detected in all 15 specimens, and thiabendazole was detected in 8 of 15 specimens. No product broke the standards for food products.
Keywords (6):
pesticide residues ,  vegetables ,  fruits ,  imported crops ,  postharvest application ,  tolerance for pesticides residues
Research program: Ordinary Research

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