J-GLOBAL ID:200904042192418406  Research Project code:0250003268 Update date:Dec. 15, 2003

Development of technique for breeding new regional crops by introduction of useful genes "Breeding of grass adapted to cold weather provided with resistance against disease and noxious insect": (1) Construction of vector for introducing in grass

有用遺伝子導入法による新規地域農作物作出技術の開発「耐病虫性等を付与した寒地型芝草の作出」 (1)芝草導入用ベクターの構築
Study period:1996 - 2001
Research overview:
Bt-gene having effectiveness for turf grass noxious insects and promoters having high expression efficiency in turf grass, are selected, base arrangement of Bt-genes is modified to highly express genes. By combining these, vector to use for electroporation method and agro-bacterium method is prepared for introduction to turf grass. By introducing prepared vector to protoplast of turf grass, reaction that Bt protein is seems to be temporarily expressed is recognized.
Keywords (4):
gene introduction ,  turf grass ,  vector for introduction ,  resistance for diseases and noxious insects
Project name: Development of preparing technique for new regional agricultural products by introducing useful genes
Project Organization (1):
  • Chiba Prefectural Agriculture Research Center
Researcher representative of the project  (1):
  • 内田 紘一
Research program: Grants and Funding
Ministry with control over the research :
Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

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