J-GLOBAL ID:200904043197413301  Research Project code:9800040253 Update date:Jun. 25, 2007

Environmental monitoring by remote sensing of artificial satellite

Study period:1997 - 0
Research field (1): Others
Research overview:
1) Arrangement of software: For researching environment of Osaka Prefecture with using remote sensing data, following software is arranged and developed. a) Software to analyze activation degree of vegetation b) Software to grasp land utility and improvement of the vegetation c) Software for image analysis d) Software to form a distribution chart of surface temperatures in urban communities 2) Data presentation: For effectively using remote sensing data, data is presented to cities, towns, and laboratories in Osaka Prefecture.
Keywords (8):
remote ,  environmental ,  software ,  computer ,  vegetation ,  earth ,  temperature ,  Osaka
Project Organization (1):
  • (E349000000)
Research program: Ordinary Research

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