J-GLOBAL ID:200904043999679617  Research Project code:0150003340 Update date:Oct. 23, 2003

Study for quality characteristic of glutinous wheat (MOCHI-wheat) and development of thereof for prepared food

Study period:0 - 2000
Research overview:
Shape of secondary products for making the most of property of glutinous wheat is studied so as to use as a new edible material. A gelatinization temperature in amylograph of the glutinous wheat is low and it has property for not hardened when cooled and difference with a native wheat in swelling of starch particles was recognized. Experimental making of products in grain shape and dumpling shape is performed and products with eat feeling different from existing wheat powder are obtained.
Keywords (3):
waxy wheat ,  amylopectin ,  processed goods
Research program: Ordinary Research

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