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Explanation of mechanism of fly ash generation in coal combustor

Study period:1999 - 1999
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1. Viewpoint of study: On the average, coal has 10-15% ash content in it. Part of the ash content can function 'positively' acting as catalyst during burning or gasification processes but coal ash is mostly viewed as a 'negative' substance because it causes troubles, for example it can disturb the operation of burning equipment and lead to the dissolution of heavy metals from disposed ash. Indexes and standards to evaluate the characteristics of ash have been based on 'average ash composition' which defines ash for 'average elemental composition' and oxides. In terms of physicality of ash, ash particles should be viewed substances with different particle size and composition. Naturally, the burning process of ash particles is not the same and how the ash particle disunites or unites with each other when burned will determine the characteristics of fly ash to be emitted. This means, behavior of ash during the burning process should be examined based on data on the composition and particle size of each ash particle instead of general characteristics of ash like 'elemental composition' or 'ash composition.' Such an approach is a key to take measures to control heavy metals contained in ash.
Project name: Supplementary category B
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  • 中部大学総合工学研究所
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  • 二宮 善彦
Research program: Ordinary Research
Research budget: 1999: \1,000,000

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