J-GLOBAL ID:200904047101806613  Research Project code:9910000390 Update date:Dec. 08, 2003

Research and development of Bio-degradable fiber.

Study period:1998 - 1999
Organization (1):
Investigating Researcher (2):
Research overview:
Environmental pollution by plastic wastes is becoming a serious problem. Under such circumstances, attention is called to biodegradable plastics decomposed by microbes, but processing of plastic wastes into fibers has problems with spinning characteristics, etc. and there are only a very limited number of cases of putting to practical use of such fibers, and their production cost still remains high. Among plastic products, biodegradable plastics to which are added natural components can be produced with a low cost, but hardly any study is made on their processing into fibers. In the present study, we will develop biodegradable plastics of a type to which are added natural components as described above.
Keywords (4):
Bio degradable ,  natural material addition ,  melt-spinning ,  nonwoven
Research program: Ordinary Research

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