J-GLOBAL ID:200904047138224827  Research Project code:0350011992 Update date:Feb. 10, 2003

Observation of Elodea nuttalli in the experimental area in lake Oze-Numa in 2001

Study period:2000 - 2001
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Research overview:
Elodea Nuttalli is a naturalized plant brought into Japan in early Showa period. In recent years it propagated into Oze-numa and some effects to eco system was worried about. It was thought to be necessary to understand the breeding status of it in Oze-numa in order to prevent eco system there. Therefore as one of the activities of the project for preservation of special plants in the prefecture experimental weeding of Elodea Nuttalli was implemented from 1986 to 1990 and preventive effect of weeding was monitored. Continuous monitoring of breeding status of Elodea Nuttalli in experimental field is very helpful not only for preventing of breeding of Elodea Nuttalli but also for conservation of eco system there. This paper summarizes the breeding status of Elodea Nuttalli in experimental field in Oze-numa from 1990 with intention to support countermeasures against Elodea Nuttalli.

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