J-GLOBAL ID:200904047224427528  Research Project code:0550027035 Update date:Oct. 22, 2004

Evaluation of towel product as consumable goods

Study period:2004 - 2005
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Research overview:
For the purpose of development to apparel and use for care welfare, we analyze and develop the design factor of post bleach towel cloth with excellent dimension stability and pile holding property. 1. Preparation of database and factor analysis related to the dimensional stability of towel products. 2. Preparation of database and factor analysis related to pile holding property of towel products. 3. Investigation on the factor that softener for domestic washing affects on the functionality of towel. 4. Investigation on the effect of washing on aesthetic property. 5. Development of post bleach towel cloth adapted to the apparel use. After next year, apparel products with towel material are to be developed.
Keywords (6):
towel ,  apparel ,  care ,  dimensional stability ,  pile ,  aesthetic property
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  • (E354000000)
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