J-GLOBAL ID:200904047438907853  Research Project code:9800039640 Update date:Dec. 10, 2003

Modification of polypeptide suitable for preparation of a good composit with synthetic polymer

Study period:1996 - 2002
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Research overview:
Heat plasticization is one of the effective ways to materialize for application peptide and polypeptide, which have suitable functions to the organism or natural environment. As heating peptide and polypeptide generally causes moisture change and molecular coagulation, it is difficult to disperse them homogeneously into synthetic high polymers. A solution to this problem is expected to possibly create a homogeneous mixture of the above two and to consequently contribute to the development of functional materials possessing the good features of the two. Therefore, this study attempts to reform the quality of polypeptide so that it may have good compatibility into synthetic high polymers. At present, we attempt to introduce the hydrophobic side-chain by allylication and vinylation of peptide (principal-chain). The effect of the relation between the lengths of principal-chain and side-chain on the compatibility for synthetic high polymers is also to be investigated.
Keywords (8):
polypeptide ,  compatibility(blend) ,  polymer ,  reforming ,  ビニル ,  アリル ,  主鎖 ,  側鎖
Research program: Ordinary Research

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