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Advanced battery electric power storage system (Energy Saving Technologies Research Program) (1) Research and development of advanced battery (Supporting study for reliability improvement)

新型電池電力貯蔵システム(省エネルギー技術研究開発) (1)新型電池の研究開発(信頼性向上のための支援研究)
Study period:1980 - 1992
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Research overview:
1)Goal Electric power storage system is developed by large scale advanced batteries in Which electric power is charged in the off-peak hour and is discharged in the peak hour. 2) Plan (1)The battery materials are studied are studied for the improvement reliability and performance of the advanced batteries. (2)The battery configuration methods are studied for reliability for and performance improvement of the batteries. 3)Result (1)The examination on relations between the change of the electrode characteristic around charge-discharge of the advanced batteries and the change of the electrodes was carried out. (2)The numerical analysis were carried out concerning various losses and the heterogeneity of the state of charge of single cells during charging/discharging of the batteries.
Keywords (4):
Advanced battery ,  Electric power storage ,  Electrode material ,  Battery configuration
Research program: The Other Research Programs
Ministry with control over the research :
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

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