J-GLOBAL ID:200904048033440539  Research Project code:9800007212 Update date:Mar. 09, 1994

Physiolozical and biochemical studies of plant ubiquitin

Study period:1988 - 1992
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Research overview:
Roles of ubiquitin and ATP-dependent proteolysitic system in adaptation of plant cells to various environmental stresses and in cell cycle are studing using unicellular green algae chlamydomonas as a model cell of plant. Physiological roles of ubiquitin unrelated with proteolysis are also investegating.
Keywords (13):
ubiquitin ,  microbial ,  vegetable ,  biochemistry ,  physiology ,  Chlorophyta ,  Chlamydomonas ,  ATP ,  dependence ,  proteolysis ,  environmental ,  adaptation ,  cell
Research program: Ordinary Research
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