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An experimental study on the design of urban facilities for the elderly

Study period:1995 - 2004
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Research overview:
This study researches the basic design of urban facilities for the active elderly. We carried out several tasks with subjects of various ages at the Public Works Research Laboratory attached to the Ministry of Construction. The first task was to get a profile of all subjects. The second task was to check their visual and judgmental performance in an indoor testing room. The last was to analyze their lane-changing behavior using an outdoor test track. Four place names were written in Kanji (Chinese characters) on a hanging panel above the track. Each subject was asked to move the test vehicle into the lane corresponding to the place name instructed by a staff member. The distance between the test vehicle and the panel at the point of word recognition was measured. The following results were obtained: older subjects regularly get around by car; older subjects took more time adjusting to darkness; older subjects are more likely to be affected by medication or disease; the average distance required for recognition of characters by older subjects was about half that of younger subjects in the daytime, and the average distance at night time was reduced to zero, which means the completion of judgment just under the panel.
Keywords (5):
city planning ,  transportation planning ,  gerontology ,  mobility for elderly and disabled ,  barrier free
Research program: Ordinary Research

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