J-GLOBAL ID:200904048591544855  Research Project code:9800005741 Update date:Dec. 21, 2002

Neutron diffraction of rare earth compound RT2Si2(R:Rare earths) in high magnetic field

Study period:1987 - 0
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Research overview:
Rare earth compound RT2Si2 (R:Rare earths) exhibits several magnetic transitions in a magnetic field. The proposed study is to determine magnetic structures between transitions with a neutron diffraction technique. We can estimate what relation among an exchange interaction, crystalline field effects and magneto-elastic effects causes the magnetic phase transitions, from the determined magnetic structures. The measurements are performed with the high field neutron diffraction system installed at the Kyoto University Reactor at temperatures of 4. 2K to room temperature and at magnetic fields of 0 to 50KOe.
Keywords (11):
neutron diffraction ,  rare earth element compound ,  magnetic transitioin ,  magnetic structure ,  strong magnetic field ,  superconducting magnet ,  nickel compound ,  silicon compound ,  exchange interaction ,  magnetoelastic effect ,  crystalline field
Project Organization (1):
  • Division of Neutron Science, Research Reactor Institute, Kyoto University
Research program: Ordinary Research

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