J-GLOBAL ID:200904049195692546  Research Project code:9911005431 Update date:Oct. 18, 2004

(1) Survey for the actual state and problems of health and welfare activities all over the country: (2) Study on the quantification of local health and medical welfare level: (3) Survey for the method of performing primary health care: (4) Follow-up study on dangerous persons with chronic diseases in fixed groups in farming villages: (5) Study on the health and welfare service for 1st, 2nd and 3rd prevention of stroke

(1)保健福祉活動の現状と課題に関する全国実態調査 (2)地域における保健医療福祉水準の定量化に関する研究 (3)プライマリ・ヘルスケアの実施方法に関する調査研究 (4)農村固定集団を対象とした慢性疾患危険分子に関する追跡研究 (5)脳卒中の一次,二次,三次予防のための保健福祉サービスに関する研究
Study period:1999 - 0
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Research program: Ordinary Research

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