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A comprehensive study on the way to ensure good sleep in daily life : (1) Study on the technology to adjust bedroom and its environment

日常生活における快適な睡眠の確保に関する総合研究 (1)寝室・寝室内環境調整技術に関する研究
Study period:1996 - 1998
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Research field (1): Others
Research overview:
1) Study purpose : (1) A study on technology to adjust bedroom and its environment : A device will be developed to, automatically and without contact, measure the skin temperature during sleep to identify room temperature and other environmental conditions for securing good sleep and to produce an energy-saving bedroom environment control system for good sleep. (2) A study on jet lag and the way to adjust biological rhythms : Sleep disturbance and negative changes in mental and physical functions because of jet lag will be clarified physiologically and an easy method to adjust to jet lag will be developed. 2) Study plan : (1) A study on the technology to adjust bedroom and its environment : The body temperature controlling reactions will be clarified in terms of skin temperatures during sleep when using various temperature controlling methods and a method to set up and control environment temperatures and temperature conditions suitable to bedroom enabling good sleep will be developed. (2) Study on the jet lag and the way to adjust biological rhythms : The biological rhythm disturbances will be studied using the sleep-wake pattern as an indicator. Particularly the fluctuation in sleep-wake rhythm pattern of airlines' flight crew will be measured and analyzed and the extent and characteristics of jet lag depending on flight directions will be clarified. In addition, methods will be developed, including exposure to high-illumination light at the place of arrival and intake of vitamin B12 and melatonin, as methods for adjusting biological rhythms disturbed by jet lag.
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Research budget: 1996: \9,433,000

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