J-GLOBAL ID:200904050544356042  Research Project code:0250003586 Update date:Sep. 29, 2004

Development and promotion of high quality wheat corresponding to consumer distribution: 4. Cultivation technology to stabilize yield and quality: 2) Quality stabilization technology corresponding to the depth of an effective soil layer

民間流通に対応した高品質小麦開発試験 4.収量・品質安定化栽培技術 2)有効土層深に対応した品質安定化技術
Study period:2001 - 2003
Research overview:
We make clear a soil improvement method to stabilize protein content and yield in the soil whose lower layer is a hard and fine soil layer or an artificial plow soil layer. We also establish a method to control the application of fertilizer to deal with the unevenness of the soil layer in the field as well as show a method to deal with the inorganic nitrogen remaining in the soil.
Project Organization (1):
  • (E011000000)
Research program: Funded Research

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