J-GLOBAL ID:200904051084906371  Research Project code:9800042319 Update date:Jun. 09, 2011

Study on technology, system and evaluation system for promotion of recycle (A joint research with Global Environment Forum-Kansay)

Study period:1996 - 1999
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Research field (1): Other
Research overview:
At a time when various constraints on global resources and environment are being identified, for the human society to continue sustainable development, the 'resource-wasting society', which is based on mass production, mass consumption and mass disposal, should be shifted to a 'recycling-oriented society'. To that end, it is important not only to solve problems technologically but also to reorganize social systems supporting the recycling and to develop an evaluation system to evaluate a range of technologies and systems adequately. Based on the idea, this study aims at examining technologies, systems, and evaluation system for promoting recycling, comprehensively and interdisciplinary.
Keywords (6):
reuse ,  legal ,  evaluation ,  environmental ,  LCA ,  Material flow
Research program: Ordinary Research

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