J-GLOBAL ID:200904051650707055  Research Project code:0250003364 Update date:Dec. 05, 2001

Introduction of the genetic resources of pedigree pigs into SPF foundation seed pig farm III

SPF原々種豚場への系統豚遺伝資源の導入 III
Study period:2001 - 2003
Research overview:
SPF pigs make possible a significant reduction of production cost by improving a feed requiring ratio or propagation records on one hand and the production of safe pork without using chemicals on the other hand, while pedigree pigs produced in Hokkaido excel in pork productivity and are suited to the climate and the geography of Hokkaido and so it is inevitable to use those Hokkaido-produced pedigree pigs as SPF pigs to improve the competitiveness in pig breeding in Hokkaido. At Hokkaido Livestock Experiment Station it is possible to maintain and supply Hokkaido-produced pedigree pigs Hamanasu W1 and L1 and we have the technology related to the production of primary SPF pigs and the inspection of various kinds of diseases. On the other hand Hokuren owns a seed pig farm for the propagation of SPF pedigree pigs and our joint research promotes the popularization of SPF pedigree pigs in the pig breeding farms in Hokkaido.
Research program: Cooperative Research

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