J-GLOBAL ID:200904051777476729  Research Project code:9800007039 Update date:Jan. 24, 2003

Histopathological studies on experimental marine toxine poisoning

Study period:1985 - 1995
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Research overview:
Experimentally induced poisoning caused by various dinoflagellate-toxins has been studied histopathologically, pharmacologically and biochemically. Toxins isolated from several species of dinoflagellates cause a diverse array of morphological injuries in organs of mice and rats. Dinophysistoxin-1 from Dinophysis fortii and maitotoxin from Gambierdiscus toxicus have enterotoxic effects. Goniodomin A from Goniodoma pseudogoniaulax causes hepatic damage. The mechanism (s) of these poisoning are closely related with abnormal state of plasma membrane against various electrods. We are now studing on the precise mechanism of the poisoning.
Keywords (7):
microorganism ,  poisoning(disease) ,  shellfish ,  Dinoflagellida ,  phytoplankton ,  pathological ,  toxicity
Research program: Ordinary Research

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