J-GLOBAL ID:200904051964454860  Research Project code:9800016409 Update date:May. 10, 2007

Developmental research of a thermal conductivity meter for lunar exploration

Study period:1990 - 0
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Research field (1): Others
Research overview:
The lunar surface is covered with regolith considerably low in heat conductivity. To know the heat flow rate in the regolith, it is necessary to know the temperature distribution and the heat conductivity. We are developing a high performance, small type, light weight, shock resisting heat conductivity meter to be installed on the lunar surface by the penetrators. Estimating the disturbance of temperature field of the regolith accompanying the internal heat generation in the penetrators by numerical simulation, a research to measure the actual regolith temperature distribution in high precision is also being made.
Keywords (9):
moon ,  thermal conductivity ,  sensor ,  lunar material ,  regolith ,  temperature distribution ,  numerical calculation ,  computer simulation ,  planetary geology
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  • (A089001000)
Research program: Ordinary Research
Ministry with control over the research :
Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

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