J-GLOBAL ID:200904052249014191  Research Project code:0350013267 Update date:Jan. 21, 2005

Development of chemical free management technique against persistent diseases and pests and weeds of turf grass: (2) Development of prevention technique of disease damage: a. Diagnosis of disease damage and elucidation and prevention of the ecology of generation

芝草の難防除病害虫・雑草の無農薬管理技術の開発 (2)病害の防除技術の開発 ア 病害の診断及び発生生態の解明と防除
Study period:2003 - 2007
Research overview:
A number of kinds of grass are planted as lawn grass in golf courses. Therefore, many new diseases occur and elucidation of cause and prevention method is desired. So far field husbandry method mainly prevented generation of the disease damage but prevention technique after generation is not established. The chemical free management technique is established by elucidating the factors and ecology of generating disease.
Keywords (4):
harmful insect ,  turf grass ,  diagnosis ,  elucidation of ecology
Project name: Project for research and test of chemical free management of turf grass
Project Organization (1):
  • 千葉県農業総合研究センター(E169000000)
Researcher representative of the project  (1):
  • MIKOGAMI Tsutomu
Research program: Ordinary Research

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