J-GLOBAL ID:200904053552135739  Research Project code:6000001492 Update date:Dec. 07, 2007

Study of Micro-EDM Processing using Electrode Tool Formed by EDM

Study period:2006 - 2006
Research field (1): Production engineering/processing studies
Research overview:
Micro hole processing by electrical discharge machining principle was studied by Iwate prefecture group in order to manufacture die of plastic gear, and this study was positioned in IMY cooperation meeting “Development of ultra-precision machining technology for automobile manufacturing”. Deep holes were processed using pipe electrode tool to set nominal value as φ240±5μm depth to 2.4mm. As a results, it was found that deep hole processing could be performed practically on both conditions. Two conditions was showed below, so common setting was pipe electrode tool of Cuφ0.1mm, difference settings were D1(electrical pack as E1951) and D2(electrical pack as E855).
Keywords (4):
EDM ,  deep hole processing ,  pipe electrode tool ,  die of plastic gear
Researcher representative of the project  (1):
  • WAGO Takeshi
Research program: -

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