J-GLOBAL ID:200904053838085380  Research Project code:0350011022 Update date:Dec. 15, 2003

Study and prototype fabrication of printed board suitable for rapid action

Study period:2002 - 2002
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Research overview:
Currently, clock frequency of central processing unit in information processing equipment is so rapidly getting higher that clock of 2 GHz is shortly made. Speed of info-communication has also realized Gbps caused by advancement of optical communication etc. and effort is being superposed so as to realize that in the order of Tbps. Accompanied by this, upspeeding in peripheral circuits that becomes necessary for transfer of data and clock signal has been demanded, and accordingly, circuit mounting board must correspond to the upspeeding. On the other hand, we have to cope with electromagnetic environmental problem that is estimated increasingly reinforced in regulation. Know-how of substrate design taking only countermeasure against noise into consideration has been accumulated in industry to some extent and practically conducted. However, the subject from now is to strike a balance between upspeeding of action and reinforcement in the noise problem from the root, but it is hard to do and they say that scarce company has example of practicing. In the present study, investigation is conducted on printed board suitable for rapid action from a broad viewpoint such as geometrical layout of wiring and physical property of the substrate substance in preparation for upspeeding of equipment in the future.

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