J-GLOBAL ID:200904053984365654  Research Project code:9800034197 Update date:Dec. 04, 2001

Three-dimensional seismic isolation of buildings

Study period:1993 - 1997
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Research overview:
With respect to three-dimensional seismic isolation of structures, the technology concerning equipment/floor structure has been alredy developed and practicized. However, the technology concerinig buildings has not yet been in progress owing to its difficulty. Meanwhile, the necessity for three-dimensional seismic isolation of buildings has recently been discussed in the field of nuclear facilities. This research developed the three-dimensional seismic isolation apparatus with combination of laminated rubber for horizontal seismic isolation and metal-made belleville spring for vertical seismic isolation, and its seismic isolation performance was examined.
Keywords (7):
seismic isolator ,  three dimensions ,  building ,  earthquake ,  isolation system ,  laminated rubber ,  coned disk spring
Research program: Ordinary Research

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