J-GLOBAL ID:200904054246324710  Research Project code:9800036505 Update date:Dec. 15, 2003

Development of new lawn grass afforestation technology

Study period:1996 - 2000
Research overview:
1) Development of construction technologies for effective utilization of lawn grasses: a) Expansion of the utilization of warm land lawn grasses such as Bermuda grass (8-12), b) Greening technologies for artificial ground by ground covering brush such as Bermuda grass using plastic mats (8-12), c) Development of plant production and utilization technologies in response to urban greening (7-12), d) Classification of characteristics of ground-covering plants and development of technologies for their production (9-12).
Keywords (6):
turf ,  grass ,  technology development ,  green land ,  bermudagrass ,  land reclamation
Research program: Ordinary Research

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