J-GLOBAL ID:200904054556598322  Research Project code:9800045162 Update date:Dec. 28, 2001

Technique of limited production and distribution of diversified products for vegetables and the like in the mid-mountainous area: Establishment of environmental preservation type technique of paddy compounded with vegetables as a mainstay

Study period:1997 - 2001
Organization (1):
Investigating Researcher (5):
Research overview:
Establishment of high-quality and farming-saving vegetable cultivation technique as well as presentation of distribution technique suitable for agricultural products with a high value added. Also developed are crop types of special vegetables that effectively put paddy to practical use. Under conditions that allow to plant vegetables, production technique for good-taste rice of environmental preservation type is systematized.
Keywords (9):
intermediate and mountainous ,  vegetable ,  paddy rice ,  rotation cropping ,  natural enemy ,  pheromone ,  cultivation management ,  insect pest control ,  region resources
Research program: Ordinary Research
Research budget: 2000: \10,430,000

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