J-GLOBAL ID:200904055300825328  Research Project code:9911005001 Update date:Jul. 02, 2010

Stable production technique of high quality milk by establishment of material recycling-type breeding technology: Cultivation and evaluation technique of self-supporting feed crops for production of high quality milk: Material recycling type cultivation of self-supporting crops

Study period:2000 - 2003
Organization (1):
Investigating Researcher (1):
Research field (1): Applied Biochemistry
Research overview:
Cultivation technique of self-supporting feeds considering mineral balance is established to promote material recycling type diary using feces and urine based on self-supporting feeds and on the assumption that mixed compost of cow feces and urine is reduced to soil.
Keywords (5):
material recycling ,  excreta ,  compost ,  self-supplied feedstuff ,  forage crops
Project Organization (1):
  • E493000000
Research program: Ordinary Research

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