J-GLOBAL ID:200904055494539576  Research Project code:9800005664 Update date:Dec. 15, 2003

Hydroponic (soilless culture) on horticultural crops

Study period:1988 - 1995
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Research overview:
Vegetables are grown with soilless methods purpose and composition, concentration and pH of the nutrient solution, etc. are studied for the purpose to produce a better growth. Many kinds of solid media, for example, sand, gravel, rice hask, sawdust, bark, peatmoss, perlite, rockwool, vermiculite, etc. are also compared chemically and physically as growing substrates. New hydroponicsystems are being developed.
Keywords (8):
solution ,  garden ,  flowering ,  fruit ,  vegetable ,  culture ,  synthetic ,  liquid
Research program: Ordinary Research

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