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Production of secondary metabolites in cultured plant cells Production of alkaloids in Atropa belladonna cells by modulation of cellular redox potential

植物培養細胞による有用二次代謝物質生産 ベラドンナ細胞の還元力制御によるアルカロイド生産
Study period:1996 - 1996
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Research overview:
The target of our research project is to develop a technique to utilize cultured plant cells as a source to obtain useful secondary metabolites of plant origin. A series of experiments will be carried out to examine the effect of modulation of cellular redox potential on production of alkaloids in cultured cells or tissue of Atropa belladonna.
Keywords (10):
Solanaceae ,  cultured ,  useful ,  biological ,  metabolite ,  excitometabolism ,  metabolic ,  cell ,  glutathione ,  alkaloid
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Research program: Ordinary Research
Research budget: 1996: \600,000

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