J-GLOBAL ID:200904055744001780  Research Project code:0150005617 Update date:Mar. 22, 2007

Development of appropriate management method of unintentionally formed environmental pollutants

Study period:2000 - 2002
Organization (1):
Investigating Researcher (7):
Research field (2): Environmental dynamic analysis ,  Environmental impact assessment/environmental policy
Research overview:
To assist the policy making process of unintentionally formed pollutants management plan, following studies will be conducted. (1) Development of source identification method of unintentionally formed pollutants based on environmental monitoring. (2) Development of total toxicity assessment method of complex polluttion. (3) Development of fate model that will simulate exposure of unintentionally formed pollutants. As representative examples, behavior of combustion byproducts and particulate matters will be studied both by chemical analysis and bioassay and fate model will be constructed. (k2001.10)
Keywords (8):
environmental monitoring ,  unintentionally formed pollutant ,  source analysis ,  receptor modeling ,  bioassay ,  chemical fate model ,  dioxins ,  particulate matter
Project name: Open Competition for Development of Innovative Technology
Project Organization (1):
  • Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
Researcher representative of the project  (1):
  • 益永茂樹
Research program: Millennium Project
Ministry with control over the research :
Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
Research budget: 2002: \31,000,000

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