J-GLOBAL ID:200904056238689133  Research Project code:9800015884 Update date:Feb. 14, 2008

Study on somatic mutations in hematopoietic stem cells of atomic bomb survivors

Study period:1992 - 1994
Organization (1):
Investigating Researcher (2):
Research field (1): Public hygiene studies/health science
Research overview:
A major purpose of this study is to demonstrate the presence of atomic bomb radiation-induced somatic mutations in hematopoietic stem cells over 46 years after exposure. Effects of radiation on the genes in hematopoietic stem cells will be studied by analysis of somatic mutations and chromosome aberrations in circulating stem cells isolated from peripheral blood of atomic bomb survivors.
Keywords (6):
atomic ,  hematopoietic ,  somatic ,  mutation ,  chromosomal ,  radiation
Research program: Ordinary Research

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