J-GLOBAL ID:200904056993658094  Research Project code:0250006363 Update date:Nov. 11, 2003

Study on technique to utilize digitization in dyeing factory: Part 2 Evolution of applying software concerning picture images

染色工場におけるデジタル化利用技術の研究 その2 画像関連ソフトの応用展開
Study period:2002 - 2002
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Research overview:
Quick response has been advanced in the printing business community caused by head rise of inkjet printing, direct reproduction of printing pattern and the like. In such circumstances, digitization has been demanded for tracing work in the initial stage of finishing the design as dyeing. Now then, we prepared a manual for tracing work using commercially available imaging software and digitized the tracing work. With spread of this manual, computer application to tracers who have manually conducted tracing work can be promoted.

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