J-GLOBAL ID:200904057243921849  Research Project code:0350013479 Update date:Dec. 01, 2004

Study on technical development of research reactor decommissioning technology

Study period:2002 - 0
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Research overview:
This study is to propose the method of using the Monte Carlo code for accurately calculating the amount of nuclear radiation for the nuclear criticality control of the used nuclear fuel and for the structure inside the atomic furnace, and for shielding for human being, based on the three-steps scenario that has already be created before regarding the destruction of the TRIGA-II type nuclear furnace. This study is also to establish the destruction-related disposal technology of nuclear furnace.
Keywords (6):
research reactor ,  decommissioning ,  spent fuel ,  criticality ,  activation ,  Monte Carlo Simulation
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  • (2252002503)
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