J-GLOBAL ID:200904057765598924  Research Project code:6000001450 Update date:Dec. 06, 2007

Development of Technology for Applying the New Co-based Alloy to Industry

Study period:2005 - 2005
Research field (1): Machine material/material mechanics
Research overview:
Recently, on medical site MRI diagnosis becomes main current, high resistance abrasiveness we need material which is Ni free, non-magnetic and high resistance against abrasiveness. With the purpose which satisfies these conditions, the new Co-based alloy was developed at the Iwate University. In order this material to spread widely, application to industrial use is necessary. Then, we researched the mirror surface finished process which is indispensable to spread, and beauty care and the medical application scissors as a concrete product. As development topics, we listed surface roughness is below Rz0.1 μ m and sharpness of the scissors compare favorably with which made by usual materials. And we could actualize those.
Keywords (7):
Co-based alloy ,  mirror surface ,  grinding ,  Ni-free ,  non-magnetic ,  feeling of cutting ,  切れ味
Researcher representative of the project  (1):
  • IIMURA Takashi
Research program: -

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