J-GLOBAL ID:200904058738229514  Research Project code:0150000856 Update date:Dec. 25, 2000

Evaluation of automatic ultrasonic inspecting equipment for welds defects in steel structures

Study period:1999 - 2000
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Research overview:
Development of automatic flaw detection equipment was made by considering that use of an automatic flaw detection method generating no human error is suitable for contributing for improvement of quality and improvement of inspection technology of enterprises related to manufacturing of steel frame products. Generation of a general image of the equipment are made by Just Research Institute Inc., who has actual results in development of automatic flaw detection equipment, and this Machinery and Metallurgy Research Institute by combining a portable digital flaw detector and a scanner unit of a probe. Just Research Institute Inc. is in charge of development of a flaw detection soft program. The Shoryo Electronic Inc. develops a flaw detector using a log-amplifier. Komai Ironwork Inc. and the Machinery and Metallurgy Research Institute execute evaluation of a prototype. Tokyo Science College Basic Engineering Department Electronic Application Branch executes theoretical analysis and simulation related to transmission of acoustic waves in ultrasonic angle beam testing.
Keywords (3):
超音波自動探傷装置 ,  鉄骨溶接部 ,  妨害エコー
Research program: -
Research budget: 1998: \2,200,000

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