J-GLOBAL ID:200904058933909651  Research Project code:9800035834 Update date:Aug. 29, 1996

Increase of ultraviolet radiation and skin cancers. Biological role of urogcanic acid as an ultraviolet-absorbing meterial

オゾン層破壊による紫外線の増加と発癌 紫外線吸収剤としてのウロカニン酸の役割
Study period:1995 - 1995
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Research overview:
Ultraviolet radiation causes sunburn and skin cancers. In order to protect from the radiation, urocanic acid exits as an ultraviolet-absorbing material in the stratum corneum of skin. Because the amount of urocanic acid in the stratum corneum are not known well for its low analytical sensitivity, we examine quantitative analysis of dabsylated cis and trans urocanic acid and histidine by high performance liquid chromatography using a revers phase column.
Keywords (8):
ultraviolet ,  ultraviolet ,  urocanic ,  skin(animal ,  histidine ,  microanalysis ,  high ,  carcinogenesis
Research program: Ordinary Research
Research budget: 1995: \500,000

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