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The studies on lunar and planetary exploration and utilization:The studies on lunar resources urilization

Study period:1991 - 1992
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Research overview:
Research reports and literatures about lunar science or lunar resources processing were reviewed. Then the important R&D themes were identified through the discussions with specialists from a variety of areas in science and engineering. In the first chapter, lunar topography, surface environment, physical properties and chemical compositions of regolith, and states of the exploitable resources were reviewed. In the second chapter, methods for beneficiation and concentration of regolith components, reduction, extruction and purification of specific elements, formation and storage of raw materials were reviewed. In the third chapter, by assuming simple scenario for lunar base development, R&D themes should to be taken up at first were pointed out. And investigation were performed especialy about two reduction processes looking for suitable lunar base site and ores, suitable systems for beneficiation, production, isolation, purification of oxygen and metals. According to above investigations, experimental flowchart and system configurations for lunar resources utilization were designed in the fourth chapter.
Keywords (12):
moon ,  lunar ,  regolith ,  mineral ,  resource ,  literature ,  soil ,  facility ,  reduction(reaction) ,  oxygen ,  refining(metallurgy) ,  lunar
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