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Education methodological study on development and formation of nature recognition

Study period:1977 - 2003
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Research overview:
1. It is widely known that J. Piaget of Switzerland once endeavored to elucidate the development stage of recognition of child. Concerning this point, the new meaningful knowledge can be found by elucidating the mechanism of improvement and formation of nature recognition. From the contradict result to Piaget's investigation, it was found that because he regarded logical consideration so important that his structural concept was syntax construction, and he missed the sight of semanntical and pragmatical sides. As the result of my cross-cultural investigation, it is elucidated that the recognition difference between Japanese and Thailand children closely concerns to each language structure and culture structure. It is proved that as his logical consideration is based on the symbol logic, the concept formation which considered impossible by his theory, become possible by dialectical consideration based on the dialectical logic. This is not the criticism for Piaget, but the attempt to expand Piaget theory and to elucidate theoretically and actually proving the possibility of education. For the detail, please refer to my theses: "Curriculum and pedagogy study on development and formation of natural recognition" (Book by publishing promotion by Scientific Research Expense, published by Tokuma Shobou) shown at A-published book item in the research result. 2. Very interesting facts are elucidated by precise examination of content of science textbook in our country. By the enactment of "Outline of Science" in the "General Principle of Manual for Primary School" at Meiji 24 year (1891), existing atomic theory description was disappeared, and alternatively traditional nature feeling (realistic nature feeling, practical nature feeling, and total theory nature feeling) surfaced. This was significantly retreated and extremely positivism color is emphasized in the textbook during the War, by the reason of "observation is impossible" by evolution theory description, in the science textbook, especially in the "biology" textbook. Genetics and eugenics are thought important with mating to the enriching country and strengthen army at before and during the War, and mating to the policy of thinking economical efficiency is important after the War (until order of Showa 30 year). Color of scientific world feeling supported by scientific nature feeling is seemed weak with weakness of natural science itself (for instance, by Banal), and this is feature of the science education in this country. By pursuing this point actually, mutual action (including conflict) is elucidated between ideology and nature feeling based on system of that age. Refer to items 5, 12, 23 and 38 of C-literature, in the "Recent science education" in the A-books No.41, in the column of research results.

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