J-GLOBAL ID:200904062548010653  Research Project code:0450021926 Update date:Nov. 08, 2004

Three-dimensional structure analysis of upper mantle in Philippine Sea by using data of broad-area seismometers at ocean floor

Study period:2003 - 2005
Research overview:
In this study, we calculate a phase velocity of surface wave in the Philippine Sea by using records of waveform obtained by observing submarine earthquakes with broad-area seismometers in addition to records of waveform with broad-area seismometers on land. Through inversion of obtained phase velocity, we calculate a seismic wave velocity structure of three-dimensional mantle in the area down to 300km in depth in higher resolution than before. We perform similar analysis by using records of waveform obtained with broad-area seismometers set in drilled holes in the northwestern part of the Pacific Ocean. By comparing these results with the results obtained by analysis in the Philippine Sea, we elucidate features of the structure in the Philippine Sea. Further, we will clarify differences between the Pacific Ocean and the Philippine Sea by calculating an s-wave velocity structure in the Philippine Sea according to each generation of the ocean floor from depth distribution of phase velocity in each generation of the ocean floor in the Philippine Sea.
Project Organization (1):
  • (C013000000)
Research program: Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research
Ministry with control over the research :
Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

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