J-GLOBAL ID:200904063481808597  Research Project code:0450021764 Update date:Mar. 29, 2007

Speciation and phytoavailability of radionuclides and trace elements in soils

陸圏環境動態調査 土壌中における放射性核種及び微量元素の存在形態と植物移行に関する研究
Study period:2003 - 2005
Research field (1): Environmental dynamic analysis
Research overview:
The first commercial nuclear fuel reprocessing plant is under construction and related nuclear facilities are already operational in Aomori, Japan. Assessing more precisely and realistically the radiation dose to the public around the plant is important for both risk evaluation and public acceptance of it. Since soil to plant transfer factor is known to have a large variance, the transfer factor based on phytoavailable fraction in the soils is examined to reduce the variance in this study. The method for measuring the phytoavailable fraction is developed, then the transfer factors based on the phytoavailable fraction are measured for soil samples in Aomori to contribute more realistic estimation of radiation dose from the plant.
Keywords (6):
soil-to-plant transfer factor ,  transfer coefficient ,  radionuclide ,  stable element ,  soil ,  phytoavailablility
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