J-GLOBAL ID:200904063898679560  Research Project code:9800032945 Update date:Jan. 18, 2005

Study on information management and utilization of geological environment

Study period:1995 - 0
Research overview:
The information related to the geological environment in Chiba Prefecture, such as the geological histogram, will be collected, sorted, and stored in the geological environment information bank. The data will be integrated as the fundamental data about the countermeasures against the groundwater trouble such as subsidence and the geological pollution including groundwater contamination, about the countermeasures against liquefaction caused by earthquakes, and about the active faults or other aspects of geo-environment.
Keywords (10):
Chiba ,  geological column ,  geological suwey ,  land subsidence ,  groundwater pollution ,  seismic damage ,  liquefaction(fluidization) ,  active fault ,  prevention of pollution ,  documentation
Project Organization (1):
  • (E164002000)
Research program: Ordinary Research

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