J-GLOBAL ID:200904064619912818  Research Project code:0350014634 Update date:Jun. 13, 2008

Development of a technique for bleaching waste paper with ozone

Study period:2002 - 2002
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Hydrogen peroxide and/or reduction bleaching agent are generally used in the bleaching of waste paper, but chlorine based bleaching agent is also used even today in small & middle-sized paper mills. In the pulp bleaching process, ozone is coming to be used in a growing number of cases in place of chlorine based bleaching agent, although the number of cases where it is used for the bleaching of waste paper is still very small. Ozone is known to have little residual influences on the environments and to be highly effective for bleaching of dyes or pasteurization. For that reason, we will develop a contact reactor available for use in small & middle-sized paper mills, check bleaching effect of ozone on waste paper pulp, and study possibility of utilization of ozone in waste paper treating process.
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  • (E286000000)
Research program: Cooperative Research

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