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A research on the burning characteristics of a solid propellant and a solid motor: The thermal shock characteristics of a throat insert material made of graphite for solid motor

固体推薬および固体モータの燃焼特性に関する研究 固体モータのグラファイト製スロートインサート材の熱衝撃特性
Study period:2001 - 2002
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Research overview:
Succeeding the research done in the previous fiscal year, a basic experiment research on the thermal shock destruction characteristics of a throat insert material made of graphite was continued as part of 'a research on a quantitative design technique for a nozzle', three-organization merged project. First of all, trial manufacture was applied to a series graphite material from a common start material by changing temperature for graphitization treatment into three levels. Their correlation has been clarified from the measurement investigation result of their graphitization degree, and heat nad dynamic physical properties. Next, a forced thermal shock destruction experiment was done by using a small solid motor having a throat insert made of graphitization treatment-free carbon graphite material to visually observe the crack progress form of the interior of the throat insert by a surface and X-CT after the burning test. The experiment forms assurance was made to characteristic crack progress state that cracks on the inner flat surface run in parallel with the inner surface in the interior of a member for the surface layer of the throat insert and the entire progress of irregular cracks exposed to the inner surface stops at cracks on the inner surface. Related experiments and a numerical analysis research have clarified that the cracks on the inner flat surface are a typical initial destruction mode brought by thermal shock at the initial stage of motor burning.
Research program: Ordinary Research
Ministry with control over the research :
Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

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