J-GLOBAL ID:200904066341984270  Research Project code:9800034209 Update date:Dec. 25, 2003

Research of the human interface for man/machine systems

Study period:1995 - 1997
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Research overview:
The human interface play a very important part in hybrid man/machine systems. However, there is a limit of usable information in the interface between man and machines. In the limited information voices, forces and touch sensation occupy very important positions. In this research, we propose the emotional model which estimates human emotions based on the information of voices and forces. Estimation of the emotional model is performed by use of the neural network. We develop a new interaction, assistance and cooperation, between man and machines by combining the force information, the emotional model and computer graphics.
Keywords (8):
man-machine ,  human ,  tactile ,  force ,  artificial ,  network ,  voice ,  feeling(psycology)
Research program: Ordinary Research

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