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Research concerning to the interaction between response to environment and regulation of development and differentiation in plants: Network between signal transduction of phytohormones and development and differentiation: Abscisic acid and somatic embryogensis

植物の発生分化制御と環境応答との相互作用に関する研究 フィトホルモンシグナル伝達と発生分化制御のネットワーク アブシジン酸と不定胚形成
Study period:2000 - 2002
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Research overview:
With respect to embryogenic mechanism in higher plants, which has scarcely been analyzed in detail so far, caused by difficulty in material preparation, we employed genic group involved in embryo-specific information transmission of abscisic acid (ABA) deriving seed desiccation resistance, seed nesting nature and the like, while making the most of somatic-cell arbitrary embryo deriving system uniquely developed, and revealed initial process of embryogeny as the center and a part of its molecular mechanism, particularly network among genetic transcription control spores. Also, because somatic-cell arbitrary embryo derivation is an environment-responding reaction of morphological formation caused by environmental stress, we revealed a part of mechanism that spores activating embryogeny from somatic cells were derived by using ABA information transmitting spores appearing since the beginning of embryogeny, and together, made positioning of those spores in the seed embryogeny.
Keywords (6):
plant ,  morphogenesis ,  response to environment ,  phytohormone ,  somatic embryogenesis ,  abscisic acid
Project name: Life Science: Research on the elucidation of the mutual regulation mechanism between morphogenesis and response to environment in plants
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  • Kyoto University
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  • OKA Atsuhiro (professor. Institute for chemical research)
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