J-GLOBAL ID:200904067531192067  Research Project code:0250001797 Update date:Nov. 27, 2003

Nanohetero metallic materials, nanohetero chemical analysis using STEM-EDX

ナノヘテロ金属組織の精密解析による機能発現メカニズムの解明に関する研究 先端電子顕微鏡技術を用いたナノヘテロ構造解析による機能発現メカニズム解明 ナノヘテロ構造解析のためのSTEM-EDX,収束電子回折技術の確立と機能発現機構解明
Study period:2000 - 2004
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Research overview:
1. In order to obtain device and system designing specifically aiming at enabling STEM-EDX element mapping and technical review on nano-probe transmission electron microscope mounted with omega electron energy filter. In doing so, the possibility to conduct analysis using electron energy loss spectroscopy and a technique to correct specimen drift for nano-heterostructure analysis were also studied. 2. Using the system obtained in the above 1., analysis was further conducted on the combining and splitting up process of added metal elements caused by heat treatment at near grain boundary of ferritic heat resisting steels containing Cr, Mo, V, etc. However, this material has strong high-temperature intensity, intergranular crack occurs, as its strength gets higher, it is necessary to explain the mechanism of this phenomenon at an early opportunity. As a result of analysis and experiment, formation of various forms of carbides on the added elements was identified. And it was also found that the formation was depending on characteristics of granular boundary and element concentration, which was an important knowledge leading to the explanation of the mechanism. 3. Examination was further conducted on the structure of FePt-Al2O3 nano granular magnetic thin film produced by Onuma group of the Space and Earth Electromagnetism Laboratory, in relation with FePt composition and heat treatment. It was found that FePt particle size distribution has no composition dependence at the time of production and on the other hand it was clarified quantitatively that the ordering and particle growth by heat treatment had strong composition dependence. In addition, from the structural changes using He ion or electron beam, it was indicated that there were a significant amount of residual Fe and Pt metals on the matrix when the film was produced. These results are important to understand the magnetic characteristics of this thin film.
Keywords (3):
Transmission Electron Microscopy ,  Nanohetero Metallic Materials ,  Structure Analysis
Project name: Special Coordination Funds for Promoting Science and Technology, Nanohetero Metallic Materials
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  • National Institute for Materials Science
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  • HONO Kazuhiro
Research program: Special Coordination Funds for Promoting Science and Technology
Ministry with control over the research :
Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

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