J-GLOBAL ID:200904067786006585  Research Project code:0150002472 Update date:Mar. 16, 2001

Development of quality control technique for constructed articles (non-destructive investigation, welding investigation, coating film investigation and the like)

Study period:1997 - 2000
Organization (1):
Investigating Researcher (2):
Research overview:
Functions have been requested to be standardized in construction work for the purpose of internationalization and cost reduction. For guaranteeing erosion prevention and view of the coating film for steel constructions so as to correspond to function standardization, effective and highly precise investigation technique has been requested. In coating film investigation of the steel constructions, electromagnetic type film thickness measure can measure whether or not a specified thickness of the film has been kept after paint had been fully dried. However, measurement result fluctuates very much, and it is difficult to keep uniform and fixed thickness of the film. Therefore, we develop a paint (investigation-saving paint) that can monitor the thickness of the coating film during construction work. We examined adaptability of investigation-saving paint to re-painting work in 1999. As a result, it could be recognized that the specified thickness of the film could be get, and such investigation-saving paint could be well adapted to management of the film thickness in re-painting.
Research program: Ordinary Research
Ministry with control over the research :
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
Organization with control over the research:
Public Works Research Institute

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