J-GLOBAL ID:200904068138219138  Research Project code:9910000550 Update date:Oct. 13, 2004

Study on mechanisms for maintenance of genomic stability in human cells: Analysis of defect of mismatch repairs and microsatellite instability in esophagus cancers

ヒト細胞のゲノム安定性維持機構の研究 食道癌細胞におけるミスマッチ修復欠損とmicrosatellite instabilityの解析
Study period:1997 - 2000
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When DNA is synthesized, complementary base pairs such as A-T and G-C are formed, however, wrong base pairs such as A-C and G-T are sometimes formed. " Mismatch repair" is a mechanism to repair duplication errors by DNA polymerases to correct base pairs, and an essential mechanism for maintenance and preservation of genetic information. On the other hand, microsatellite regions in which given base sequences such as CA and CT are repeated are present in human genome. In this region, mismatches seem to be readily induced, and to be repaired by a mismatch repair mechanism. The difference of repeat numbers in microsatellite regions from those of normal cells is considered that a mismatch repair mechanism is not working normally. The changes of repeat numbers in microsatellite regions are called as microsatellite instability.
Research program: Ordinary Research

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