J-GLOBAL ID:200904068297385936  Research Project code:9800005665 Update date:Dec. 22, 1994

Studies on exploration, preservation, evaluation and utilization of minor crops in Japan

Study period:1972 - 1993
Research overview:
The studies on pollination biology and genecology of minorcereals in Polygonaceae (common buckwheat, Tartary buckwheat, perenial buckwheat), Gramineae (millets:Italian millet, Japanese millet, finger millet, Indian millet), Amaranthaceae(grain amathanth, vegetable amaranth) have been carried on in order to establish practical seed production methods for preserving genetic resources and for expanding their potential.
Keywords (10):
plant ,  cultivar ,  Polygonaceae ,  Gramineae ,  Amaranthaceae ,  collection ,  conservation ,  cultivation ,  genetic ,  genetic
Research program: The Other Research Programs
Research budget: 1993: \600,000

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